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Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds are the dog breeds one of the smallest categories of dogs. Toy dog breeds are a popular choice for many as their size does have particular benefits.  They are particularly appealing to women, the elderly, and also to children.  Their compactness is also of benefit to dog lovers who live in smaller homes such as apartments, or small houses.

It can be a difficult choice trying to decide from all the endearing toy dog breeds which is the right one for you.  But you must be realistic regarding your choice, of course you will have a short list of which breed/s you are particularly keen on.  But you must also consider your own circumstances regarding what kind of home and quality time you can offer to a small dog.  It is from these decisions that a sensible choice can be made.  Do not go into such an important decision without giving it full and careful thought. 

When you feel you are ready to purchase your toy dog, there are a couple of points to remember when choosing.  Firstly find yourself a good dog breeder that is experienced and has a good reputation.  The next points are important when actually choosing your dog or puppy.

Toy Dog Breeds – Maintenance:

How much maintenance your dog will need may sway you on your decision.  You may or may not want a dog that needs daily grooming, regular baths, and regular trips to the grooming salon to be clipped and trimmed.  These tasks are generally determined by the dogs length of coat, so typically the longer the coat the more care and attention they will need. 

If you do not care for a long haired coat on a dog it will become knotted, matted and can cause pain and skin problems, so it is very important that they are cared for properly. 

You will also need to train your toy dog to be well behaved; this can be tough at times as some can be very stubborn.  And although your dog will not be trained to the levels that some of the other dog categories are, you will at the very least need to house train your dog, socialize her with strangers, other dogs, and children, and preferably come when called also.

You also need to check out for any health issues associated with your chosen breed, as some can be more prone to certain problems than others; it depends on the breed and the individual case.

Toy Dog Breeds – Temperament:

It is important to choose the right dog that will have the best temperament to suit your circumstances.  Most good breeders will discuss this with you when you are choosing your puppy as it is important for them too to ensure their puppies are going to the correct homes.  If you have got a particularly busy household then the shy one from the litter may not be the right choice.  Equally if you are particularly elderly the scoundrel from the litter may not be the potential bundle of trouble for you either, although they do grow up and generally mature with age!


It is important when you are viewing them that you get down on to their level to assess them rather than towering over them, you will see much more of their behaviour, reactions and expressions that way.


To see the puppies parents is a good thing too in assessing your right choice.  Generally you would be able to see the mother, and in some circumstance the father too.  This will give you an idea of how their offspring will turn out, so are they good looking, well proportioned, happy or aggressive, healthy, well cared for, etc.  Don't forget that the parents are a reflection of how your puppy may turn out.


Toy dog breeds are a pleasure to own, but you must do your research to make sure you choose wisely and are correctly informed and prepared for all that is involved, and if you do, you should have many years of enjoyment together.

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Toy Dog Breeds

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This article was published on 2010/12/10