Storing Soft Toys in Self Storage Space

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Soft toys are a common sight almost everywhere and especially in places where there are kids. But did you know that roughly 15% of the population suffer from fur allergy and the main source is the soft toys. The allergy reactions are usually caused by dust mites and fungal spores that are trapped in the fur, triggering an immune system response. Not only that, if your kids have eczema, they should stay away from soft toys. If you or your loved ones are one of the many people suffering from fur allergy, you may be thinking of an alternative storage place for all the soft toys in your home. Self storage happens to be an excellent choice that you should consider.

Use plastic boxes

Dust mites and allergens trapped in the fibres of soft toys can trigger eczema flares and they should be the ones to keep a lookout for. When storing soft toys in the self storage space, use plastic boxes due to their amorphous properties, rendering them transparent. Also, plastic surfaces provide no spaces for allergens to hide in, lowering the chances of an allergy reaction from taking place.

Ceiling bags

Ceiling bags are hung from the ceiling and they can be used almost everywhere and holds a surprising huge amount of toys given its mass. Space in self storage unit is precious and you should attempt to fully maximise whatever space that is available. Ceiling bags in conjunction with storage boxes will help you to store as much toys as possible.

Vacuum compression storage bag

Vacuum compression storage bags are relatively newer storage methods compared to boxes and shelves. Compression bags help to reduce the bulkiness of items yet it does not cause any damages at all. When used properly, compression storage bags can help to reduce the total space by up to 80%. Since it is in a vacuum environment, moulds and allergens are unable to replicate, effectively killing them. Imagine compressing your soft toys to flat sheets that can be stacked on top of each other.

The above 3 trips are excellent methods to store soft toys in self storage units. Since you pay for what you use, it makes sense to fully maximise the space in the unit by introducing novel methods to take advantage of unconventional spaces such as the walls and ceilings. You can rest assure knowing that your soft toys are in good hands.

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Storing Soft Toys in Self Storage Space

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Storing Soft Toys in Self Storage Space

This article was published on 2013/09/27