Small Cost Venture: Opening A Tin Toy Store Network Marketing

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Mark of an era, an retro style, a kind of emotional consumption. When the rich start to find a middle-aged groups memories of childhood when the resurrection of old toys, and it not only meets the demands of middle-class feelings of nostalgia, has become the new darling of the middle class, which quickly led the market's popular and fashionable. Investment tin toys, requires a complex era, a spread of culture.

The resurrection of tin toys China was a tin toy producing countries, from the last century 50's, around the country on the establishment of no less than 50 of the metal toy store, process and technology are high. But as the late 80s, as these factories have closed, tin toy factory on the left sparse, process has gradually been lost.

Tin toy is a toy with Chinese characteristics, the designer with simple, creative personality and full of imagination, these toys branded with a time of wisdom and stylish, this is the era of technology and products nowadays do not have characteristics.

Recent years, the world whipped up a wave of retro, tin toys, engraved with the times because of the stigma and become the new darling of the middle class collection. 70s born generation, due to shortage of materials, his family was poor, very few can touch the toy, toys are considered a luxury. Today, most of this generation has become the backbone of society, living condition is superior, and have a desire to find childhood memories, which many people, on the old tin toy has a nostalgic feeling, they are leading the Tin Toy a fashion symbol.

Because it is pure hand manufacture, metal toys, although containing no high-tech elements, but its simple shape and precision mechanical device to win. Every aesthetic sophisticated metal toys, are a reflection of the wisdom of designers and fashion that's unique atmosphere, which is tin toys to attract adults, become a worldwide collection of reasons.

Tin toys now on the market types and different prices. Subject to the delineation from the people, animals, places, vehicles, robots, space, etc.; from the region have at home and abroad, the Northern School (Beijing) Southern Pine (Shanghai), divided into the Japanese school abroad, and Europe and the United States sent; from Age division are 60 years ago, seventies and eighties, from the functional division of a winding, inertia, manual, electric and so on. Price, from ten dollars to several thousands dollars, its value will depend mainly produced its age, design theme, the existing number of such processes difficult.

The most popular was undoubtedly the robot series, because these are the Japanese and some European and American designed and produced well-known toy manufacturers, the theme closely linked to the sixties and seventies of the most popular futuristic, later eighties metal toys in the world disappeared, creating a tin toys worth, and status today. In recent years, tin toys, not only in some small shops, but are also being put together with the porcelain to antique markets, and even frequently sold for high prices in some auctions. Although the toys and other toys

than metal toys from the distribution, production, marketing, promotion are the lack of a mature business, but its artistic and entertainment but no less significant. Combined with their declining production and stock, metal toy manufacturers around the world have been depleted, production of tin toys in the toy market, accounting for smaller, more due to the international toy safety standard, tin toys market liquidity has become a problem, for various reasons, urge the existing tin toys more and more to manifest its value.
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Small Cost Venture: Opening A Tin Toy Store Network Marketing

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Small Cost Venture: Opening A Tin Toy Store Network Marketing

This article was published on 2010/09/25