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It's hard to say just how long giant plush toys have been around. But ever since the first teddy bear was designed (which came in two different sizes), it's not inconceivable to think that plush toys would eventually just get bigger and bigger. And voila: giant plush toys.

The first plush toy ever created was the teddy bear and it came about after felt animal pin cushions used by its creator were sold to women who then had them confiscated by their children because they loved them so much. Eventually, those felt pin cushions morphed into what we know now as teddy bears. And, along with its creation came the realization by both children and adults alike, that these plush toys were not just soft toys at all, but companions that could share their triumphs and disasters, comforted them in times of trouble, and joined in adventures both great and small.

Giant plush toys, whether they be teddy bears or elephants, have those semi-human attributes which fit them perfectly for companionship. They are every inch a plush toy but embody the type of qualities we demand. They are well made and set up. Some of their heads really can turn around and many have legs which are adjustable. Giant plush toys are moreover, that precious gift of true adaptability; they can be made to crawl, climb, stand, or sit and in each pose they are not only delightfully themselves but also leave the imagination with whatever personality their owner wants them to personify.

Besides such wonderful adaptability, of course, is a giant plush toys ability to just sit and listen to our tales of woe and frustration. They can take in our deepest secrets and will never reveal them to another person; there is a particular level of trust between giant plush toys and their owners which is difficult if not impossible to break. And, this is just another reason, that giant plush toys are able to step in when it's the right time when no human intervention will do.

To some, giant plush toys may just be a novelty that they think we will eventually get tired of, but we know better, don't we?
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Giant Plush Toys

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This article was published on 2010/10/17